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Fulcrum’s Summer Retreat 2015 set new heights!

The late summer of 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, saw the Fulcrum “family” spend quality time at The Phoenician Resort. With the ever expanding office locations Fulcrum offers nationwide, team members traveled to the sunny desert for another few days of team training, local client interaction, and fun activities.

The retreat marked a record attendance for the Fulcrum “family” as the company continues to attract staff who are recognized as industry leaders within the real estate and construction industry. The two-day company training sessions were designed to improve all aspects of the services Fulcrum offers to our various clients.

Certain of Fulcrum’s local clients were able to visit face-to-face with the team members of Fulcrum. A large “Thank You” must be said to all our clients who took time out of their day to be with the Fulcrum team.

The Retreat would not have been complete without taking time to embrace what the desert offers. To this effect, Fulcrum enjoyed an evening of celebration in Old Town Scottsdale that included fine Italian cuisine.  Later that weekend, all skill levels circumnavigated the greens of The Phoenician Golf Course. And for those more accustomed to nature, hiking to the new heights of the surrounding mountains.

The Fulcrum Summer Retreat 2015 is testament to the hard work and dedication of each Fulcrum team member, with the inherent desire to ensure all of our clients continue to bear the fruits of their investments.