By Hugh Coyle, FRICS, CEO and Founder

As I was tasked once again to pen an article for the first Fulcrum newsletter of the year, I asked myself, what is it that makes this organization different from others, as we strive for excellence? As I mulled over this question, I decided that rather than me trying to explain what Fulcrum is all about, it would be better to utilize unsolicited, recent feedback that has been provided by individual Fulcrum staff regarding their thoughts on this organization.

“I love what we do and love the people that we work with.”

“I feel very blessed to be a part of this team, thank you for creating and maintaining the culture here.”

“Thank you for a wonderful year and the generosity of our Christmas luncheon. Ownership has done a tremendous job of supporting the Fulcrum family. May our next year be better than our last. Fulcrum one—Fulcrum all!”

“Thank you for all of the generous benefits Fulcrum provides. I am very much looking forward to continuing the growth in 2017 and beyond.”

“The Atlanta staff would like to thank you for the Christmas lunch we attended last Friday. We appreciate your support in expanding the Fulcrum operation in Georgia with our new office relocation here, and look forward to continued success in the Southeast.”

As we all know, loyalty has to be earned, not demanded, and when we receive feedback like this, we know as an organization that we are on the right track.

Client support and feedback is also truly valued, as communication is the key to avoid any misunderstandings and to reduce the potential for errors. I would like to take this opportunity to thank one particular individual client, who is employed by a major financial institution. Like clockwork during the Holiday Season, this person spends his own time and money ensuring that Fulcrum offices throughout the country receive a personalized gift basket as a thank you for all of the efforts put forward by our staff on the projects he is responsible for. This consistent act of gratitude is never taken for granted and this valued client should know his kind gesture is appreciated company-wide.

In the spirit of giving back, Fulcrum staff last year conducted a series of training seminars around the country that were attended by hundreds of industry personnel seeking to expand their knowledge and receive credit hours to maintain their technical accreditations. This is an area that we will continue to push forward, as educational credits and training seminars are an integral part of our organizational DNA. Fulcrum also hosted all of its staff plus a guest in Tucson this year for a two day internal training program to ensure a consistent level of company service to our clients, understanding that quality staff is integral to success. Our staff spends countless time outside of business hours, studying for various forms of qualifications, to ensure their own professional growth, while also augmenting the synergy created within the organization via their attainment of various technical certifications, coupled with their individual backgrounds and experiences. In fact, one of our staff recently successfully earned a BA degree after 11 years of juggling night classes and three small children, which exemplifies the perseverance, tenacity and desire that our culture embraces.

As highlighted above by the various examples of everyday communications and commitments, the Fulcrum family is not just a cute tagline but a living breathing entity that by example is racking up achievements greater than each of the individual pieces could accomplish on their own. We are certainly well along the road to success but clearly are nowhere near the summit of what this talented group can achieve with the support of our loyal clients.

I trust that everyone enjoyed the recent Holiday season and wish you all a prosperous and exciting 2017.