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Mass Timber + Hospitality: The User Perspective

“The use of mass timber construction is gaining momentum in the US; however, its aesthetic, construction, and sustainability advantages remain largely unexplored for hotels. This is the final entry in our series exploring the development of a realistic, hypothetical mass timber hotel. Don’t miss parts I to III: the developer, architect and operator points-of-view!” – Swinerton

Mass Timber + Hospitality: The Developer Perspective

Fulcrum, Marriott International, SERA Architects, KPFF Consulting Engineers, and Swinerton recently partnered together to provide a 4-week blog series about the use of Mass Timber in Hospitality design. Take a look at the recent blog post by clicking above to understand the cost, schedule, and quality implications Mass Timber presents to the hospitality industry from a Developer perspective. Stay tuned to our page for future blog posts in the coming weeks! #APivotalResource

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