The 2016 Fulcrum Retreat encompassed a change of scenery from Palm Springs and Phoenix in previous years to Tucson, where our ever-growingFulcrum “family” enjoyed spending time at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. Our colleagues based in “cooler” climates appreciated the somewhat lower temperatures due to the higher elevation compared to those of the Coachella Valley or Sonoran deserts in the past!

The Retreat kicked off with a recap of the road Fulcrum has traveled and a look to the road “beyond.” With Fulcrum focused on continual operational and professional development, our talented staff was immersed in two days of intensive and interactive learning sessions designed to further enhance their technical and soft skill sets. The Fulcrum leadership team developed an in-depth program and supporting training materials. Delivered in breakout sessions, technical topics encompassed various aspects of the four stages of the real estate and construction life cycle including Due Diligence, Plan and Cost Reviews, Construction Project Management, Construction Draw Review Services, Capital Needs Partnership, and overall Risk Management.

A presentation by a guest speaker with expertise in the banking industry launched day two of the Retreat, providing deep insight into the overall economic, banking, and construction related markets. The nearly two days of intense learning concluded with an energizing “jeopardy” session, where four teams competed to showcase their knowledge in all things related to real estate and construction consulting. Questions derived from the new training sessions combined with certain Fulcrum trivia added a stimulating and entertaining twist.

Saturday found our staff and guests relaxing, enjoying the local points of interest, or testing their capabilities on the Mountain Golf Course, and on the hiking or par course fitness trails. The Retreat concluded with a “Wine Country Dinner” in a private setting against the backdrop of the Catalina Mountains.

What resonates throughout the Fulcrum culture is the commitment our talented staff displays on an ongoing basis to be challenged and to deliver their best as a Pivotal Resource to our Fulcrum clients.