Welcome back to our latest update on our West Coast #FeaturedProject, The Mercer on Fillmore.

The Mercer on Fillmore is a seven-story, mixed-use, multi-family housing complex developed by High Street Residential in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

The leasing office storefront is installed with paint nearing completion. The corridor drywall on Levels 1-4 is installed. Cabinets are installed on Level 5 and in progress at Level 6. Interior trim is also in progress at Levels 6 and 7.

North Tower drywall installation is in progress through Level 5, with insulation in progress on Level 6. MEP rough-in work is nearing completion on Level 7 with insulation stocked.

The North Courtyard pool shotcrete is in progress, with DensGlass installed on the Clubhouse and fitness area exteriors. The Clubhouse is in the process of installing fire sprinkler and plumbing rough-ins. The South Courtyard landscaping is complete, with deck waterproofing in progress. Exterior masonry is installed at the south side of the property, with concrete poured at the balconies, sidewalks, and Taylor Street. The lights down Taylor Street are now in place.

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