As we enter this exciting New Year of 2016 with El Niño and the turmoil in the Financial markets clearly forces to be reckoned with and both the Presidential elections and Olympic Games to look forward to, it is the perfect time to document our current view of the future and the important problem solving role that our organization provides to all of our Clients and Partners.

Fulcrum prides itself as a Pivotal Resource that strives to exceed all parties’ expectations by ensuring that our best asset, namely its talented and diverse people, are provided with the necessary tools to not only meet but exceed expectations within the construction industry. Recent examples of this include doubling the size of our network servers and their relocation to a top-of-the-line secured data center in Tempe, Arizona; utilization of the Barracuda encryption software; retention of a third-party document shredding company in all of our offices; and, our commitment to the ShareFile document sharing system – all decisions taken with intent to also further safeguard the integrity of our client’s information.

Our website has recently been upgraded to reflect not only the increasingly large geographical footprint that our services are being provided within, but also the impressive range of assignments that we are capable of undertaking on behalf of our burgeoning client base. In order to better assist our 43 full-time employees in our 10 office locations within 8 regions of the country; our management team is committed to implementing continuous strategic improvements to our business operations. By making this commitment to excellence (thank you Al Davis and the Raiders organization), Fulcrum staff is able to concentrate their efforts to appreciate our loyal and committed clients whose support and encouragement make our daily tasks more enjoyable and engaging while also being challenging and thought provoking.

To better serve our Clients and the industry, our internal and external training programs have been revamped. In 2016, expect to receive an invitation from us to a training seminar near you, as we are targeting a monthly seminar presented by Fulcrum staff to occur in various locations throughout the country. It is a vital part of our organizational DNA to encourage learning and to share the results with as many people as possible. In our opinion, it is beneficial to everyone to challenge ourselves individually and organizationally to be the best that we can be.

Our goal moving forward is to increase the true value of our services during the various construction consulting assignments that we are awarded. Our service is not a commodity driven product – but rather is resource based. It is vital to our team that all of our clients truly understand and appreciate the additional layers of review and thoroughness of our processes that have been put in place to help manage their risk.

Of course we cannot achieve all of our goals on our own. It is important to acknowledge the support and encouragement that we receive from all of our partners and vendors. Their level of due diligence is in tandem with our own philosophies and allows us to offer competitive benefits, top-of-the-line risk management practices, proactive training courses, and timely responses to our clients’ needs in this ever changing working environment, while maintaining that necessary work-life balance that we all desire.

In closing, as our client base rapidly expands both nationally and internationally, this organization has not lost sight of the need to continuously improve on our already positive reputation within the industry and to consistently earn the trust that is the Fulcrum for everything that we undertake.